The Cone Epicentre...    

Traffic cones, signs, and other strange photos, from our original research as well as the work of thousands of interested parties from around the world.

If you want some idea of what provoked this, check out the page that started it all.

(9/8/1999) Original entry in the Conetest

(1/19/2000) Even more traffic cones, here!

(2/27/2000) More traffic cones on Quito Road

(4/1/2000) Only a few safety cones here.  El Camino Real/San Antonio Rd in Los Altos/Mt View.

(4/2/2000) Another strange speed limit sign, and a cone puzzle.

(Added 5/22/2000)  A lesson in Ineffective Cone Deployment.  Also, some Unusual Cones.

(Added 7/30/2000)  Usenet posts about black cones, and the latest news about Kibo's NEA grant.  Some cone damage, and miscellaneous cone scenes.

(Added 11/12/2000)  Be careful of a girl who has the boold of orange cones in her mouth and the bodies of animals between her teeth. In other news, see some more of my local cones, as well as a recent hunting trip.

(Added 11/13/2000)  Battles between shopping carts and cones reported here.

(Added 6/9/2001) Dag Ågren: Some pure evil for your enjoyment

(Added 1/27/2002) The results of the September 1999 Conetest have finally been announced!

(Added 10/20/2005) Here are links to some old content that is not specifically about cones -- but if you look hard, who knows, you might see some! BART Tanforan construction SPUI interchange Hillsdale construction BART Millbrae construction Light Rail

(Added 1/25/2007) Our partner site The Western Syndicate directs our attention to a bad job opportunity

(Added 3/22/2009) A sign of the downfall of the newspaper industry? What is that cone doing there? (Boston Globe)

(Added 7/12/2010) New Cone student exchange program

Thanks as always for your contributions.

Would you like your cone-related link here? Send me email at We are interested in posting any candid photos of traffic cones (also known as safety cones). Because someone has to. The Internet is supposed to contain everything, after all.

The Cone Epicentre -- candid photos of traffic cones and safety cones

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